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The Salon des Vins du Soir

The Salon des Vins du Soir is an event open to the public with a convivial atmosphere aimed at helping wine drinkers to discover wine and the culture behind it. Consumers come to taste and buy wines as well as to enjoy a pleasant day out with friends and family thanks to the educational and fun activities that will tickle senses, spark curiosity and open one’s mind to the world of wine. Wine is a convivial pleasure, a social lubrificant and a cultural component of moments spent in company.


Aware of the importance of wine for its readers, Le Soir created the website LesVinsduSoir, brought to life by Eric Boshman and Marc Vanel, with many activities stemming from this : a printed version, twice-weekly columns in the Le Soir newspaper, creation of an online shop and quarterly supplements to the newspaper. Vinogusto entered an editorial partnership with LesVinsduSoir to give readers of Le Soir access to its gigantic database of wines, winemakers and useful addresses for enjoying wine.
The « VINS » section of the Le Soir newspaper is lead by Eric Boshman, reputed sommelier, esteemed journalist and opinion leader in the world of wines. At his side is Marc Vanel, journalist and specialised columnist, notably in Belgian wines. The two have been friends for many years and complement each other perfectly.


The wineguide of consumer reviews, Vinogusto helps consumers choose wines they will enjoy. Launched in 2007 and based in Belgium, Vinogusto is an essential tool for wine drinkers from across Europe. To reach consumers, the Vinogusto teams combines internet sites, social media, videos, regional travel and events.
Marc Roisin, founder and CEO of Vinogusto is passionate about wine and new technology applied to the wine world. A natural entrepreneur, he continues to develop activities aimed at helping consumers discover the pleasures of wine : Wine Business Innovation Summit, Vinogusto Média… do you have an innovative project linked to wine ? Marc is your man !


Botanique is the showcase for the cultural life in Wallonia and Brussels. Its audacious and trendsetting programme has been creating a stir in the cultural scene of Brussels since 1984. Le Soir and Botanique have been partners for many years and collaborate on a regular basis.